architecture / design / art / music / culture

applying form to informality

brief. / during the Summer of 2010, I worked with Urban Nouveau* on the preparations for “Connecting Stockholm,” an exhibition which proposes a strategy for connecting and integrating the city’s segregated suburban neighborhoods

date. / Fall 2009

location. / Ramapir-No-Tekro, Old Vadaj, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

description. /

Since World War II, the developing world has seen rapid urbanization—an overwhelming flow of human population from rural regions to urban ones, putting an immense strain on the developing world’s cities.  This transition of the developing world from one of primarily rural villages to one of expansive overcrowded cities has brought with it numerous changes, many of which manifest themselves in the extreme housing shortage that migrants from the village meet upon arrival in the cities.   This results in the creation of settlements which attempt to negotiate between the urban and the rural, settlements not formally planned but informally and incrementally constructed by their inhabitants with little support from the cities of which they now populate.  This low-cost housing system seeks to provide improved housing, adequate space, and both physical and social infrastructure to the largest slum in Ahmedabad, moving much of the population off of land currently at severe risk for flooding.