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In 2017, Justin created “Ursa Major,” an original visual brand identity for Calissa, a Mediterranean restaurant in the Hamptons.

date. / 2017

location. / 1020 Montauk Hwy, Water Mill, NY

project type. / branding, hospitality

role. / project manager, graphic designer 

designer. / Mapos

As a member of Mapos, Justin worked on the design, development, and implementation of “Ursa Major,” an original visual brand identity for Calissa, a new Mediterranean restaurant in the Hamptons. The name Calissa comes from Greek Mythology, and references the story of a nymph who was seduced by Zeus and later transformed into a bear by Hera in revenge. Her form was eventually set among the stars as the constellation known as "Ursa Major," or "The Great Bear." The design is inspired by elements of maritime navigation, which long relied on star patterns in the night sky. For this purpose, few constellations are more significant than "Ursa Major," which contains the North Star, a common reference used for directional orientation. In addition, there are references to some of the traditional instruments used in early navigation, such as the sextant and the compass. With a menu inspired by the Greek islands and Mediterranean culinary traditions, the concept also draws on the aesthetic of holiday destinations such as Mykonos, Santorini, and Rhodes, here adapted to reflect the tastes and styles of the Hamptons. Branded elements pictured here include: postcards, business cards, dinner and wine menus, coasters, and matchboxes.