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/ eviscera brasilia: carnal clay

brief. / a collection of experiments with clay and plaster casting using balloons to create positive and negative spaces, resulting in the creation of a tiling three-dimensional wall component

date. / Spring 2011

location. / Temporary Installation

description. / 

For this project, I explored the material properties of both plaster and clay, through a variety of experiments in casting and unconventional forming methods.  For these experiments I used balloons, sometimes filled with air, and sometimes with water, to give form to the material being formed.  In some cases the balloons were used to create positive forms and in other cases they were used to create negative voids.  These experiments resulted in the creation of a tiling three-dimensional wall component which has the potential to protrude into a space or recede from of it.  The texture of these components is created by an additional sheet of plastic applied to the balloons.  Additionally, another component produced may be tiled to create a screening condition with a variety of apertures which can be predetermined in accordance with the desired effects or defined by a series of parameters.