architecture / design / art / music / culture

performance + effect

brief. / an individual physical exploration through a single found material to develop an understanding of formal relationships and how materials can be manipulated and used to influence environmental conditions and shape space within a defined 2' x 2' x 8" frame

date. / Fall 2007

location. / Temporary Installation

Description. / 

My design used hundreds of identical black plastic forks, each with its handle removed. By removing the handles, a connection between the forks was possible that could create a chain. The most interesting part, though, was that by rotating the connection, the angle of the chain could be altered, and since a level of rigidity was maintained by the connection, this change affected the overall form created. Using this system, a mass could be created of intersecting chains, which when viewed as a whole no longer resembled sharp plastic forks, but rather a softer flowing mass that had been frozen in time. In this sense, the mass took on a liquid form that could fill or flow from the volume defined by the frame that acted as a “container.”