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connecting stockholm

brief. / during the summer of 2010, I worked with Urban Nouveau* on the preparations for “Connecting Stockholm,” an exhibition which proposes a strategy for connecting and integrating the city’s segregated suburban neighborhoods; the exhibition was presented at Stockholm’s Arkitekturmuseet in September 2010

date. / Summer 2010 / Fall 2010

location. / Stockholm, Sweden

description. /

As an intern at Urban Nouveau* in Stockholm Sweden, I worked on a variety of projects, but “Connecting Stockholm,” consumed the majority of my time.  This project was an exhibition presented at the Arkitekturmuseet in Stockholm in September 2010, concerned with the issues of urban planning facing the city of Stockholm.  The exhibition presented Urban Nouveau*’s strategy for connecting and integrating Stockholm’s segregated suburban neighborhoods through a series of urban bridges.  Aside from participating in the conceptual development of the proposal, my efforts ranged from various mapping exercises to research and documentation on the ground to helping plan and set up the exhibition itself.  A number of my drawings were presented at the exhibition which was viewed by hundreds of visitors to the museum.  In addition, one of these drawings has since been featured in Conditions Magazine, an independent Scandinavian architecture and urbanism publication.