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pseudospheric surfaces

brief. / an entry completed with Studio THEM for the ACADIA / FLATCUT 2011 Design and Fabrication Competition which explores the geometric possibilities of forming curved surfaces from flat materials

date. / Spring 2011

location. / Temporary Installation

description. /

This project was completed with Gustavo Crembil of Studio THEM as an entry for the ACADIA 2011 Design + Fabrication Competition: Sponsored by FLATCUT.  It was selected for second place in the “Partitions” category.  The exploration of hyperbolic geometry takes multiple forms and employs a series of principles that push our understanding of spherical and Euclidean logics.  The pseudosphere is, in principle, a hyperbolic form generated from the elongation and exponential growth of a concentric geometry that is limited by a base geometric logic. The natural expansion of an exponential growth across a linear progression creates an excess in material that forces a principle pattern of undulation.  This issue is explored in a modular expandable ceiling piece that is the result of a hybrid dialog between hand-craft and digital methods and thinking.