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tres tetas

brief. / an entry completed with Studio THEM for the Premio Arent: A Cieolo Abierto 2011 competition which explores and challenges the formal capabilities of the traditional colonial roofing tile which previously covered the buildings that inhabited the site

date. / Summer 2011

location. / Temporary Installation

description. /

This project was completed with Gustavo Crembil of Studio THEM as an entry for the Arnet: A Cielo Abierto 2011 competition.  The competition charge was to design a permanent installation to be built within Parque Sarmiento, an expanding green space within the city of Cordoba, Argentina.  The portion of the park, which was to house the competition winner is currently being constructed on land formerly inhabited by large historical colonial government buildings.  The roofs of these buildings were composed of thousands of traditional colonial tiles.  Our proposal suggested a creative reuse of a portion of the tiles, incorporating them into the installation’s surface in a way that seeks to challenge typical use.  The design challenges the formal limits of the tiles by applying them to a curved surface, which was defined by the extents to which the existing tile can be stretched.  The overall composition is created by three inhabitable spatial forms, with disparate apertures.