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(UN)ified assemblages

brief. / the redesign and complimentary design development of ACME, London’s proposal for a United Nations Memorial building in Chungju, South Korea, which involved a programmatic shift from a memorial and conference center to a “negotiation center”

date. / Fall 2010

location. / Chungju, South Korea

description. / 

ACME’s original proposal was designed to compliment and act as the main built component of a new UN Peace Park built in the city to honor the UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon.  The proposal includes a 1,500 seat assembly hall, which was inspired by the UN General Assembly Hall in New York City.  In addition, there are conference halls, a theater, various exhibition spaces, offices, restaurants, a café, and a rooftop garden.  The various programmatic elements are connected by an exposed public circulation system which was designed to encourage public use and interaction.  A programmatic shift was implemented to create a more applicable “negotiation center,” with a more exclusive assembly formed by supporting cells.  The accretion of these cell-like spaces expresses the unification of the many countries which form the UN while facilitating interstitial spaces for informal negotiation.  The memorial aspect of the program is integrated with the park and surrounding landscape.